ALTA HOSPITALS SYSTEM Food Service Worker in Los Angeles, California

Job Responsibilities/DutiesPerforms a variety of simple, routine, unskilled tasks related to the preparation and serving of food; cleans kitchen area and cooking utensils.Conveys food and supplies from the main kitchen, bakery, and/or salad preparation area to the serving site either by carrying or by utilizing a motorized cart.Follows prescribed procedures in setting up hot and cold food lines; chooses proper utensils and sets steam line to appropriate temperature for menu items.Prepares or assists in the preparation of hot and cold meat and vegetable dishes, beverages, salads, sandwiches, pie fillings, simple bakery items, salad dressings, and/or other similar food items, as appropriate to the position.As appropriate to the position, serves food items to customers from counters and/or steam tables, in accordance with specific instructions, ensuring that appropriate portions are served.May serve a range of hot and cold food items from counters and steam tables; adds relishes and garnishes according to instructions.Fills ice cream, yogurt, and/or ice machines, if present in area of operation; ensures that machines are cleaned and maintained, as necessary.QualificationsMinimum Education:iHigh School graduate or equivalent:Minimum Experience:iEntry level position, on the job training.Req. Certification/Licensure:iNone.