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Bain & Company Inc Data Science Manager in Milan, Italy

The role

This is an opportunity to be a key leader in Bain’s expanding data science capability area. This position will be part of the Advanced Analytics Group (Bain’s team of data science, engineering, marketing science, operations research and primary research experts).

  • Responsibilities will include working closely with the Advanced Analytics Group (AAG), Bain Partners, Bain Practice Areas, and the Technology Services Group (TSG) to extend and innovate our data and analytics capabilities.

  • This will include helping formulate and driving our evolving strategy on how to best support our clients on large data/heavily analytic initiatives.

  • Serve as Advanced Analytics expert on Advanced Analytics strategy cases

  • Be an expert advisor in proposal discussions

The person in this role will need to:

  • Communicate effectively with analytics/data experts as well as business managers to assess opportunities and develop data driven solutions for Bain clients across a variety of sectors;

  • Translate business objectives into data and analytics solutions and, translate results into business insights using appropriate data engineering, analytics, visualization & dashboard applications;

  • Help develop Advanced Analytics Intellectual Property and identify areas of new opportunity for data science and analytics for Bain and its clients

  • Communicate with and educate both senior and junior colleagues to further embed data science and analytics across the firm and within our clients;

  • Advise Bain clients and consulting teams on data strategy, analytics strategy, and data science best practices

  • Manage local Data Scientists

Detailed responsibilities

  • Work with consulting teams and clients to understand business problems, translate them into data science projects and appropriately prioritize and execute.

  • Help to increase consulting staff’s knowledge of Advanced Analytics and Data Science.

  • Provide training, documentation and other assistance to Bain’s consulting staff to support and expand the use of data science analytics.

  • Develop and/or implement tools for data acquisition, extraction, transformation, management, and manipulation of large and complex data sets.

  • Develop, prototype and test machine learning algorithms on data sets that can range from a few data points to billions.

  • Train relevant AAG team members to support big data/data science initiatives.

  • Develop relationships with external data and analytics vendors and interact with as needed.

  • Keep abreast of new and current statistical methodologies, machine learning and technologolies.

What we look for

  • 7+ years’ experience in data mining, predictive modeling, machine learning, statistical modeling, large scale data acquisition, transformation, and cleaning, both structured and unstructured data

  • Track record of leading and collaborating on strategic initiatives.

  • Strong team and business communication skills – can walk through approach with technical clients or explain tricky concepts to non-technical people

  • Ability to collaborate with people at all levels and with multi-office/region teams.

  • Must thrive in a fast paced environment and be able to work independently.

  • Strategic consulting experience a plus

  • Proficiency with data wrangling, visualization and modeling in either R or Python is required, familiarity with other analytical software such as SAS is a plus

  • Examples of domain expertise in which we are interested is: predictive modeling, churn analysis, time series forecasting, computer vision, text mining, recommender systems, market basket analysis, segmentation, graph analytics, natural language processing and text analytics

  • Proficiency in SQL is required and experience in relational databases/data warehouses is required. Familiarity with NoSQL data stores is a plus

  • Experience with tools in the distributed computing, GPU, cloud platforms and Big Data domains is a plus (e.g. GCP, AWS, MS Azure, Hadoop, Spark)

  • Experience in managing a data science team is desired

  • Experience with dashboards, business intelligence tools, and visualization solutions (e.g., Tableau, Qlik, Shiny, Dash) is desired

  • Experience with Git and modern software development workflow is a plus

  • Experience with containerization such as Docker is a plus

  • Agile way of working

  • Experience in some of machine learning frameworks and tools (e.g. scikit-learn, mlr, caret, H2O, TensorFlow, MXNet, PyTorch, CNTK, MLlib) is a required

  • Experience with Operations Research techniques such as mixed integer programming and simulation is a plus

  • Experience with Primary Market Research is a plus.

  • Travel required

  • Fluent in Italian and English

External Job Title: Data Science Manager

ID: 2019-3837

Post: External Career Portal: 9/21/2019

External Company Name: Bain & Company Inc

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